PURSUE Launch Event

Practitioners from Underrepresented Sections United through Education

PURSUE Network Launch

Tuesday 15th December


(Optional open meeting 2-3pm)

Working Class defines people of every gender, ethnicity, religion and cultural background.

PURSUE are a network of Higher Education practitioners who have come together to champion the richness and diversity of  working class culture. The network lobbies with an honest voice for greater equity in the provision of educational opportunity, supporting students to overcome barriers borne out of structural inequality.

For our inaugural event, we are delighted to be joined by a range of speakers from across academia, education, the third sector:

  • Prof. Nicola Ingram        Sociologist andauthor of Working-class boys and Educational Success
  • Duncan Exley                    Author and former Director of the Equality Trust
  • Gareth Snell                      Former Labour MP for Stoke Central
  • Senior Leader (TBC)        RECLAIM Project


Launch and welcome                                                                                            10.00-10.15

Introduction to PURSUE                                                                            10.15-10.35

Keynote                                                                                                                 10.35-11.05


Break                                                                                                                     11.05-11.20

Panel discussion                                                                                                     11.20-12.35

Prof. Nicola Ingram, Gareth Snell and Duncan Exley

Closing thoughts                                                                                                    12.35-12.45

Optional Group discussion/open meeting                                                          2.00-3.00


To register please sign up here  https://forms.gle/mJ1E78gojMidtgD69

Details on how to join via Zoom will be sent to you by email in advance of the event.

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