Our Seven Endeavours

This group is open to all those engaging in Higher Education who self-identify as coming from a Working Class background, or align with our cause. Our Seven Endeavours Speak to our joint aims, purpose and challenge to the sector.


the education sector, with a particular view on widening access to Higher Education for our diverse Working Class communities. We will champion education for all, highlighting structural inequalities and challenging the status quo.


the rich, diverse array of heritage and talent which make up the the fabric of Working Class communities, championing education as fundamental to future progress.


and support working class practitioners within our Widening Access agenda, to make their voices heard at all levels.


discrimination in all its forms, promoting social justice within educational institutions, and across the wider sector.


policy makers, university, college and school staff, and civil servants in our endeavours for social justice. We will champion practices formed through our experiences as Working Class people, allies thereof, and practitioners.


practice, and be educated by third or public sector organisations such as youth workers, social workers and community groups via engaging social action events.


a space that is safe, agile, welcoming and eager to agitate. 

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