T Levels Week – Taking Vocational Education to the Next Level?

This week sees the latest National T Levels week celebrated across the country.  There has been much activity amongst advocates and supporters of this ‘Next Level Qualification’, but in terms of wider consciousness around T Levels and what their implementation means for the Level 3 qualification landscape, there remains much to do. Since 2017, ministersContinue reading “T Levels Week – Taking Vocational Education to the Next Level?”

Class Consciousness, Trade Unionism and WP

I have always had a very strong sense of ‘class consciousnesses’.  I probably never described it in these terms as a kid growing up on the outskirts of Liverpool in the nineties, but I (and many of my contemporaries) were brought up to value our working class roots and ideals.  It (being working class) wasContinue reading “Class Consciousness, Trade Unionism and WP”

PURSUE Launch Event

Practitioners from Underrepresented Sections United through Education PURSUE Network Launch Tuesday 15th December 10am-12.45pm  (Optional open meeting 2-3pm) Working Class defines people of every gender, ethnicity, religion and cultural background. PURSUE are a network of Higher Education practitioners who have come together to champion the richness and diversity of  working class culture. The network lobbiesContinue reading “PURSUE Launch Event”